Wordsworth x Sam Brown – Horns from the Soul [audio]

Wordsworth and producer Sam Brown collaborate for an album titled Our World Today which will be released August 11th. The first single Horns from the Soul is produced by the Wilmington, North Carolina native Sam Brown, with triumphant trumpets that provides soulful grittiness, and lives up to the expectations and anticipation of their full length. The lyricism is evident as Wordsworth raps, “Warning/a loss with every day dawning/Sons dead, mothers in forever pain mourning/ It gets you sentimental, resentful, family revengeful/consequences are sequential, your friends will avenge you/Awaiting release, or decease, or police that’ll pinch you/stories end with, “He was smart and had so much potential.” Incredible beats and bars at an elite level, Wordsworth and Sam Brown definitely know what we need today. Looking for to their album Our World Today coming out August 11th, but you can preorder now, which I highly suggest.

Pre-Order: https://shopify.undergroundhiphop.com/products/wordsworth-and-sam-brown-our-world-today-cd

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