Will See – Detroit Diplomat [album]

Detroit MC Will See teams up with Info56 and Sacramento Knoxx- two of today’s freshest Motor City producers, to release his second studio album Detroit Diplomat.

The record sounds like Detroit. It’s lyrical with head nodding production, simple but complex, conscious but raw and gritty. Just like the D.

The album features a stacked roster of guests: Supa Emcee, Mic Audio (of the Stero Boyz), Bryce Detroit, Dow Jones, Lady Fire Tide, Leroi DYNOMITE aka Sunny Boy. Also appearing funk songstress Coko Buttafli, and surprise appearance from Midwest Native folk singer Annie Humphrey. Detroit hiphop pioneer D.J. Los blesses two songs with intricately layered scratches.

The sung vocals on “DNA” add a lot to the track and the melodic tone of it makes it digestible even though the content is deep and makes you think. “New New Slaves” features incredible performances from Dow Jones and Bryce over an energetic boom bap style beat. “PasstheTorch” is smooth and thought provoking and features a precise performance from LadyFireTide. Tracks like “Crumble” and “La Shish” will prove that Will See can compete with some of the best MCs but he maintains his message throughout, always in a smooth & diplomatic manner.

In a year that sees a resurgence of powerful hip hop records from local scenes to underground heroes to national artists, #DetroitDiplomat is a powerful release that every music lover will want in their collection.

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