Robot Koch And John Robinson “Smorgasbord” **Video**

From a laments perspective you can call this Jahcoozi’s Robot Koch meets Scienz of Life’s John Robinson. However we here at Project: Mooncircle like to see this as two dynamic forces of nature coming together in parallel universes, delivering cosmic opted sonics with science-fiction narrative conventions in a metaphysical tone. Robot Robinson is the FUTURE from Earth to Mars to Venus to Jupiter and Beyond, this project spells out the attempts to bring a different pitch of vocals to the world of Electronic Music. Robinson being no stranger to the scientifical lyrical approach along with Robot’s evolutionary voyage prone soundscapes this one is a sure shot! The Future of Music is in Good Hands.

All tracks produced by Robot Koch. All lyrics by John Robinson.

Production & Camera: Thomas Krueger | Creative Direction: Martin Pohle & Thomas Krueger | Lighting & Audio: Jinna Morocha & Gordon Gieseking | Artwork: Ima One | Editor: Paul Rohlfs & Sebastian Hoehn | Final Edit & Grading: Thomas Grummt & Thomas Krueger

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