Notorious B.I.G.


Biggie’s back from the dead? NO! But his music lives on as his Greatest Hits seeks to be released March 6, 2007. Tracks such as “Juicy”, “Big Poppa”, “Hypnotize”, “One More Chance” and “Ten Crack Commandments” will be forever classics. Along with the greatest hits there will be two additional unreleased tracks.

Track Listings:

1. “Juicy”
2. Big Poppa
3. “Hypnotize”
4. “One More Chance”
5. “Get Money”
6. Warning
7. Dead Wrong
8. “Who Shot Ya”
9. Ten Crack Commandments
10. “Notorious Thugs”
11. “Notorious Big”
12. “Unbelieveable”
13. “Niggaz Bleed”
14. *”Running Your Mouth
15. *”Want_That_Old_Thing_Back
16. Fuckin You Tonight

* unreleased tracks

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