Wax Tailor


Wax Tailor“Hope & Sorrow” out on April 3, 2007
Artist Bio:
Wax Tailor (JC le Saout) is a french hip-hop/trip-hop producer with similarities to RJD2 and Dj Shadow debuted with his album “Tales of the Forgotten Melodies”. The new album “Hope & Sorrow” features down tempo hip-hop, jazzy funk, and soul. Special appearances include Sharon Jones, Voice, the Others, Charlotte Savary, Ursula Rucker and Marina Quaisse.

Track Listings:
1. Once Upon A Past
2. The Way We Lived featuring Sharon Jones
3. The Game You Play feat. Voice
4. The Tune
5. The Man With No Soul featuring Charlotte Savary
6. Radio Broadcast
7. Positively Inclined feat marina quaisse asm
8. Sometimes
9. House of Wax feat. the Others
10. Beyond Words
11. To Dry Up featuring Charlotte Savary
12. We Be featuring Ursula Rucker
13. That Case
14. There Is Danger
15. Alien In My Belly featuring Charlotte Savary

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