Over Time


HieroglyphicsOver Time“, a cd with remixed, rarities, and b-sides tracks. Most of the tracks are from vinyl singles, with an exception to a new single “the battle of the shadow”. So all you hiero heads peep these rare tracks on cd!!
1. “You Never Knew (Domino Remix)” Hieroglyphics
2. “Masterminds” Del (feat. Tajai)
3. “Prose Officially” Pep Love/Jay-Biz
4. “Greed” A-Plus
5. “Phoney Phranchise (Domino Remix) – Del”
6. “Soundscience (Remix)” Souls of Mischief
7. “It’s About Time – Del”
8. “The Scandle” Casual
9. “Battle of the Shadow – Del (feat. A-Plus)”
10. “Fight Club (Remix) – Pep Love”
11. “Unseen Hand – Souls of Mischief”
12. “If You Must (Automator Remix) – Del”
13. “Heat – Hieroglyphics”
14. “Cyberpunks – Del”

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