Sound Catcher


Dj Vadim – “The Sound Catcher” out in stores now!!

Dj Vaim – dj and producer, mixes music between hip hop and electronica. An example of that would be the track above featuring Abstract Rude. The Sound Catcher has a feel of electronica, hip-hop and reggae.Feel free to listen to the other tracks below.
Track listings:
1. “Intro”
2. “Fear Feats (feat. Emo and Syrus)”
3. “Talk to Me (feat. Sena)”
4. “Them Say (feat. Diane)”
5. “Soundcatchers” (feat. Abstract Rude)
6. “Manchester”
7. “Kill Kill Kill (feat. Big Red and Kathrin deBeer)”
8. “Milwaukee”
9. “Like the Wind (feat. Deuce Eclipse)”
10. “Black is the Night(feat. Kathrin deBeer)”
11. “Got to Rock (feat. Zion)”
12. “Theme to Big Willy Dee”
13. “Ballistic Affairs (feat. Skinny Man, Singa Blinga, and Killa Kela)”
14. “Sufferin Blues (feat. Lil Green)”
15. “Bath in Bleach (feat. Monte Smith)”
16. “sd4”
17. “Watch that Sound (feat. Emo)”

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