Joe Beats – Diverse Recourse


Joe Beats is most known as the sole producer of the duo Non-Prophets. Their debut album Hope was released on Lex Records late 2003. Since, Beats has continued as a soloist with numerous releases that thrust his production to the forefront.

Pitchfork Media – “Beats’ use of beautifully raw drum programming…and his mid-90s sampling style harkens back to Pete Rock and Prince Paul, or the low-end proficiency of a young Ali Shaheed Mohammed.”

Track Listings:
21) Don’t Front…
22) Live My Life
23) Me Talk Pretty
24) Slivers
25) Doing The Nothing
26) Sleep Or Bust
27) Caught Up
28) Friday Afternoon
29) Hellfire (remix)
30) Pour Me One
31) Big Eyed Son
32) The Buzz Off
33) Merc Ret
34) No Burn
35) Indian Summer
36) Cutie Pie
37) ETA
38) Fade

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