TURN IT UP! a little louder….. – J.Dilla

J.Dilla Box set:
Ruff Draft cassette
and other goodies

CASSETTE J Dilla Ruff Draft. “…straight from the muthaf#%kn cassette!” Released only with the TURN IT UP box set.
T-SHIRT TURN IT UP! A Little Louder. The now-classic design by Alfred Hawkins. Exclusive colorway
CITATION Reckless Driving Ticket. We ran a bunch of L.A. parking ticket lookalikes and ticketed people outside Ruff Draft listening parties in Spring 2007. There was a few left over, all included in these boxes.
PHOTO J Dilla taken by B+ for the Jaylib album in Detroit, 2003.
THE BOX 15x12x3 inches. Custom designed box with cassette holder. All shipped in a protective mailer.

$39.95 plus shipping – click here

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