Tru Paz – Everyday Goes By

Tru-Paz – Everyday Goes By

Tru-Paz – Everyday Goes By from the EP Young Nation, EP can be found on iTunes.

The Tru-Paz collective consists of three members Boozie (Vocalist) Akim (Lyricist) and DJ Unknown (Producer/DJ). Their sound is a distinct mixture of classic roots reggae, RnB and hip-hop that can be heard through the vibrant vocals of Boozie complimented by the conscious hip hop that is portrayed through the lyrics of Akim; mixed with the unpredictable selections of rock, soul, hip-hop and reggae from DJ Unknown. These variables make the Tru-Paz sound one that is unclassifiable by today’s music genres. The groups’ ability to captivate fans by their unique sound is already making a permanent imprint in Canadian music history with tracks like “Hotel Hell” and “Dust Yourself Off” gaining recognition internationally.

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