The Originators Clothing & Skate Brand


The Originators is the original Hip-Hop Streetwear brand committed to the education of the early years of Hip-Hop; honoring the DJs, MCs, Graffiti Writers, and B-Boys that helped pave its way.

“After 30 years of Hip-Hop it was time to look back and give credit and respect to those that helped build it,” says founder Adam Bach. “These guys, and still many others, built its very foundation. Hip-Hop is a strong Culture today, and it’s time we learn who was instrumental in its conception and growth.”

The Originators was started in 2004, by then filmmaker Adam Bach. “I had a strong desire to tell these guys stories in films. One day, I got the idea. Instead of taking money that I didn’t have and 2 years of my life to tell one guys story, I could tell all of the early Pioneers stories in t- shirts and in clothing. With every shirt we would include a hang-tag with a biography of the person on the shirt so that the consumer could learn more about that individual. I saw it as an opportunity to educate on the early years of Hip-Hop, and on those responsible for its growth. That’s when I got the idea for The Originators.”

The line has honored such great Originators as: Kurtis Blow, Melle Mel, the Cold Crush Brothers, Love Bug Starski, GrandWizzard Theodore, Grand Master Caz, Prince Whipper Whip, DJ Disco Wiz, Jo Jo – Founder of the Rock Steady Crew, Mr. Freeze, Brother J, Wanda Dee, Tracy 168, Taki 183, Daze, and Stay
High 149.

The Originators recently opened a flagship store in the Fairfax District of Los Angeles known as The Originators Store LA which exclusively sells Originators’ clothes, skateboards, and more.

The Originators Store LA is located at:
142 N. Hayworth Ave.,
LA, Calif. 90048.

The Originators is sold worldwide and online. For more information about The Originators and retailers please visit:

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