Big Wayde- “What Have They Done”

Big Wayde When The Rain Stopped Cover Art (2)
Big Wayde- “What Have They Done”

“What Have They Done” from Big Wayde‘s forthcoming EP, When The Rain Stopped.


White Plains, NY resident Big Wayde (Emcee/Songwriter/Clothing Designer) is easily one of the artists to watch for 2010. With his out of the box single “What Have They Done” garnering national attention, and his recently released mixtape “When The Rain Stopped” receiving rave reviews left and right (a download count of 5k and STILL rising), there’s no reason this young entrepreneur will not solidify himself as a brand to reckon with. A keen ear for raw and undeniable talent that spans far outside the realms of Rap will not only benefit himself, but those whom he plans to add to his already well-established GNS INC brand.

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