Dark Time Sunshine – BELIEVEYOUME


Dark Time Sunshine – BELIEVEYOUME

1.) Believeyoume
2.) Doom
3.) Go Team
4.) The Wrong Kids
6.) More Magic
6.) It Lives
6.) Nathaniel
8.) Shewolf
9.) Betterbelieve

I guess it was only a matter of time before 2 loggers from Northern Ireland would meet up in the states one day &make way. For what you ask? Music composed for the sole purpose of courting dames who will later give birth to snobs ,archers ,zombie lovers ,&rappers.. while yet still being able to remain REGAL & JUST throughout thines conflicts & obstacles. A positive light during a dark period I say.

Born as Ludwig & Lair ,the 2 reside distant in body (Seattle U.S.A. ,&Chicago Illinois) but closely encountered through beat ,vocal , & Google. With only about ONE year of mixing formulas.. DARK TIME SHINE has managed to “shoot the gift” per se ,& title it BELIEVEYOUME.. Free for you & yours.

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