Wayward Saints (Presto x Avatar) “Cruisin”

Wayward Saints (Presto x Avatar) “Cruisin”

Another leak from Wayward Saints (Presto x Avatar), “Cruisin” from their recently released album Future Vintage.


The Wayward Saints relaxed, jazz-infused sound rides seductively hypnotic beats to create a unique groove. Founded by hip hop impresarios Presto (Concrete Grooves) and Avatar in Los Angeles, the Saints blend of jazz, hip hop, soul, funk and down-tempo combines a vintage feel with a contemporary edge, seemlessly intertwining these genres to make music that can be heard from clubs to coffeeshops, lounges to hipster hangouts. Presto’s head-nodding beats provide the canvas over which he layers luminescent synth lines and samples, using MiniMoogs, Rhodes keyboards and the ASR-10. Av then brings in the low-end, with soulful basslines inspired by early Motown, jazz and 70s R&B, adding a few production touches of his own along the way. The Saints also utilize the talents of Smile-OAK on tenor sax, DJ Rylo (Sebadukes) on turntables and the fretwork of Jacob Slim on electric guitar.

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