Burnz ft. Hot Rod “F-R-E-S-H” / Burnz “Good Music” VIDEO

Burnz ft.Hot Rod “F-R-E-S-H”

Arizona’s biggest independent MC, Burnz is here to bridge that gap through his music and with his new single, “Good Music.” Collaborating with up-and-coming director Marz Motion, together the two artists chose to distance themselves from the average tough-guy/gangster persona that many MCs glorify in their music today, instead providing fans with a more refreshing, good-vibe experience with “Good Music.”
In the recent years Arizona has introduced a handful of gifted and up-and-coming acts such as: Juice (Black Wall Street), Hot Rod (G-Unit) and the most recent Willy Northpole (DTP), but Burnz is set to show the world why the Zone (AZ) saved the best for last. While other MCs in The Zone lean on catering to only the street, braggadocio audience; Burnz caters to that genre and much more. With his prolific rhymes about his the streets, run-ins with the law, relationship problems, partying, and just the everyday struggle that people encounter on a daily basis, he makes sure to represent for everyone in his native land: from the gangsters, the immigrants, the inner-city youth to the students roaming high-school, and college halls.

Burnz “Good Music” VIDEO

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