Busy Bee: Busy’s Revenge

Busy Bee – Busy’s “Revenge”

You might be familiar with Busy Bee for his role in WildStyle, Hip Hop’s “first documentary” or maybe you’re familiar with the epic battle with Kool Moe Dee, maybe you’ve seen him in BEEF or Paid In Full, or even possibly heard, his classic ‘88 hip hop album, Running Things! It’s hard to avoid Busy Bee, regardless of the medium, his presence can be felt.
And now he’s back!. VTech and Wilshire District Music bring you the return of Hip Hop Pioneering MC, Chief Rocker Busy Bee. Download “Busy’s Revenge” featuring the legendary Kid Capri from his forth coming album, Now & Then: Last Man Standing on Wilshire District.
Get ready for some heat with Busy’s new album, Now & Then: Last Man Standing. With a trove of unreleased material, Busy brings you joints like “Poon Tang” produced by Busy Bee & Jazzy Jay, “Busy’s Revenge” produced by Kid Capri, “Got Things Sewed” produced by Diamond D, 2010 remixes of some of his classics “Suicide” & “Running Things” from some of todays illest producers. Plus expect to hear brand new songs with production by Easy Mo Bee, Jesse West, DJ Parker Lee, Reggie B, & Joc Max.


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