The Lyricists – Constructicons **Mixtape**

<a href="">Ed E Murphicon by The Lyricists</a>

The Lyricists presents the “CONSTRUCTICONS” mixtape!!! It comes filled with questions, colorful moods & feelings! Sprinkled over tight instrumentation from some of the most beautiful places on the planet earth!!!

1.Ed E Murphicon 00:34
2.Come On 03:44
3.Time of Day 02:49
4.And It Goes… 02:54
5.Every Single Daaay! 04:10
6.That Feelin’ 03:09
7.Cops and Robbers 03:28
8.Lover 02:50
9.Enter Action 03:00
10.Flowgasm (feat. Mike Melton) 03:54
11.Radio Active (feat. Fraction) 03:14
12.Goin Up! (feat. Auto Pilots) 03:39
13.Coming Out 02:21
14.Dope on Demand 02:52
15.Man On Fire (feat. Mike Melton) 03:41
16.We Are (feat.Tasherre D’Enajetic) 03:42
17.Blindsided (feat. Prologic) 03:28
18.Deep 03:32
19.Close the Door!! 03:13

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