Oronde Baltimore – “Da Dirty Boy Project”

<a href="http://orondebaltimore.bandcamp.com/album/da-dirty-boy-project">&quot;Da Dirty Boy Project&quot; by Oronde Baltimore</a>
1.Dirty boy intro (Mushu Girlz) 01:07
2.Dirty Boy 04:03
3.I’m Dope 03:29
4.Last Call 03:30
5.Mushu Girl interlude 02:07
6.Something about her 05:46
7.Bad Chic 03:26
8.Fire 04:27
9.A Million miles 03:50
10.Love a hoe 05:15
11.I love New York 05:58
12.Dying wish 04:29
13.The Haters Outro 00:59
14.Fuck Oronde 04:48

This album is a testament to Hip Hop/Rap. It’s raw, clever, original, creative and funny at the same time. There’s something for everyone on this project. From the club scene, to lyrical or straight hardcore heads, “Da Dirty Boy Project” covers it all. Definitly something you’ve never heard before!

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