Nina B “X Man” + Video Trailer ft. DJ Kay Slay, Donny Goines, Torae and Panama **Audio + Video**

Download: Nina B “X Man”

Everybody has that ” X ” , there’s at least one person who knows your
” true identity ” . They know your strengths AND your weaknesses.
Sometimes they can become your worst enemy… like that man Kanye West
says ” no 1 man should have all this power ” .
And when it comes to the dreaded ” X ” it can become a battle. Its
like they compel you somehow, it can be very difficult to ever escape
there grasps. Or in any case vice versus.
I guess this record is a cross between me being honest and my Marvel /
DC obsession. On one hand I just like writing about weird, unusual,
and sometimes plain uncomfortable situations. The unspoken that’s MY
territory, I don’t mind being vulnerable. I can handle it.

On the other hand I’m big fan of X MAN and with the emerging og the
trilogy and all this hype around all these characters I grew up with
is exciting and it really inspires me…
I think of this song as somewhat of a scavenger hunt and I like how it
challenged me as an artist to create.
I hope it leaves you with some fond memories of your favorite X MAN
and your favorite X too
(Evil Genius Cacklesss bwahhhahhahahaha )

– Nina B


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