Don Streat “Go Ahead and Take It” ft. Ruste Juxx **mp3**

New track from Don Streat’s The Don Streat Theory Vol. 2, titled “Go Ahead and Take It” featuring Ruste Juxx & cuts by DJ Grazzhoppa.

About Don:

Don Streat or Cyrus which ever you want to call him is Baltimore hip-hop at its best. Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland but currently living in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Don Streat Hip-Hop history runs deep with ties to the Baltimore hip-hop scene. Beginning in middle school when he crafted his first rhyme and then began to write rhymes for his closest friends which spawned him in creating Infinite Description a three man collective of M.C.’s which went on to release a 12”. The Record did well and conjured some offers but the deals were never any the group were satisfied with and after placing a free article in the back of the Source even received a call from Ice Cube. Eventually times come to pass and the group fell apart and Don went solo. Music seemed farfetched at this point and Don found himself on the streets until joining the military during these times he was still releasing music. Hearts of Diamond EP, Dreamz 12”, Diamonds R 4Ever compilation, and The Don Streat Theory mixtape. Don Streat has a new inspiration and motivation through the Don Streat Theory VOL.2 Suicide Bars. The project boasts production of M-phazes, Dichter2productions, Rik Marvel, Alkota, and Vinyl Frontiers. The project has features from Ruste Juxx, Praverb The Wyze, Cadence, and Rasco.

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