ILLUS “Sons and Daughters” ft. Eternia, Wordsworth & Erin Barra **Audio**

“I’m tired of emcees rapping about how their neighborhoods are terrible and yet they love living in these conditions and making it seem as if everyone that lives there is only a drug dealer, an addict or a criminal. That’s nonsense that racist corporate America and the media want to continually perpetuate and that’s why they spend a lot more money selling us negative imagery rather than investing in the positive. Even in the poorest and most downtrodden neighborhoods, there are good people, hard working parents and families who do everything possible to provide for their children and be positive role models without submitting to crime or illegal acts. This song celebrates those mothers and fathers that do just that, work hard and provide for their families and set positive examples for their sons and daughters so they can grow into adults themselves and pass along those values, ethics, traditions and positive vibes. There is a lot of negative imagery in HIPHOP but the reality is it is a positive culture with a lot of love, passion, heart and soul, and we need to portray that more.”

iTunes: For Adam – Illus

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