M-TRI & DJ Leecy T | The Grease **Video**

“The Grease” breaks away from a rappers rapping formula and gives us an intimate look into the lives of this much respected emcee and DJ duo. From a split screen perspective, M-Tri & DJ Leecy T share the idiosyncrasies of life, a passion for their respective crafts and their love for Hip Hop culture. Director Mark Carranceja simplifies his approach but in the process refines his storytelling ability through a natural aesthetic that brings forth a level of warmth, intimacy and an affinity for the characters in front of the screen. “The Grease” is more than just a “day in the life” of two Hip Hop artists. For M-Tri and DJ Leecy T, Hip Hop IS life and every day is worth living for it.

M-Tri and DJ Leecy T | The Grease | Mark Carranceja [Direction, Cinematography, and Editing] | Rosina Murphy [Assistant Director & 2nd Camera] | Tara Pascual [MUA] | Music Produced by M-Tri

iTunes: Max Talkin’ Real Ism – MTRI

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