Havana – Splendor Of The Sort ft. Donwill **Audio**

New music from Havana & Donwill “Splendor of the Sort”.

“Playing with Don Will in the studio just for kicks… nothing but fun n games” – Havana

A while back me and Havana had tossed around the idea of doing a sort of collaborative project. At the time I had an FS Green beat tape and I had sent her this beat and she sent me back a demo of the hook and a verse. I in turn wrote a verse and while mapping out the song sequence filled in a slot for the second verse with a bit of freestyle to serve as a reference for the cadence I wanted to use*. Long story short we both got respectively busy and the song never got done but she decided to liberate the demo for you guys and not to be narcissistic but I absolutely LOVE this verse… -Donwill

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