Reebok Classics Presents: Souls of Mischief **Video**

Reebok Classics and Rock The Bells bring you the exclusives: Classic Albums by Classic Artists.

Souls of Mischief’s debut record ’93 Til Infinity and title track of the same name shook up hip-hop in 1993, becoming an instant classic. The underground, Oakland-based crew, consisting of four hardcore emcees—A-Plus, Phesto, Opio and Tajai—had been collaborating on tracks since high school. Once minute they were making beats in their basements, and the next releasing their first LP on Jive records. The teenaged crew was heralded for flipping the gangsta rap formula, enticing critics with their brash, lyrical complexity and elusive beats.

Souls of Mischief sat down with us at Rock the Bells and told the backstory of ’93 ’til Infinity, which, as it turns out, was recorded in just 10 days. Hear how their combined talents made it happen and what went into making a classic.

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