Fortilive x Small Pro “I Vs. I Remix LP”

Download: Fortilive x Small Pro “I Vs. I Remix LP”

01. Ain’t No Place (Small Professor Remix)
02. Gimme (Small Professor Remix)
03. Fist Fights (Small Professor Remix)
04. Jim Kelly (ft. Skyzoo) (Small Professor Remix)
05. Come Get Me (ft. Dr. Know Jr.) (Small Professor Remix)
06. Wannabees (Small Professor Remix)
07. The Come Up (Small Professor Remix)
08. Goin Thru It (Small Professor Remix)
09. Make Up (Small Professor Remix)
10. Won’t Tell (ft. Jik and Zo) (Small Professor Remix)
11. There They Go (ft. Uptown Swuite) (Small Professor Remix)

Back in August, Fortilive and Diamond Media 360 called on producers worldwide to submit their full-length remixes of the Hawaiian hip-hop crew’s Booth-sponsored (and acclaimed) debut full-length, I Vs. I. Today, The DJBooth is proud to present the winning entry in the contest, courtesy of Small Pro. The I Vs. I Remix LP finds the Philadelphia-based producer replacing crew member !llmind behind the boards, crafting new instrumentals to back emcees Slo-Mo and Mushmouf on all 10 of the project’s cuts. All beats come courtesy of Small Pro, with returning guest spots from Skyzoo, Jik, Zo and Uptown Swuite (of The Seed).

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