Funky DL presents Nights in Nippon Jazzstrumentals Album (N.I.N.J.A.)

1. Takings of Tokyo
2. Hamamatsu Timeless
3. Yokohama Waves
4. Kamakura Carnival
5. Fukuoka Flügel
6. Sapporo Summer
7. Utsunomiya Excitement
8. Osaka Chill Time
9. Nectars of Nagoya
10.Wisdom of Kyoto
11.Happenings of Hiroshima (CD BONUS TRACK)

“Nights in Nippon” is an instrumental album and dedication to the fond memories Funky DL has accumulated over the many years of his travels in Japan. Having visited the many beautiful cities and towns across the prefectures of Japan, DL has enjoyed everything from the Temples of Kyoto to the flashing lights of Tokyo. From the chilled vibe of Osaka to the calming shores of Yokohama.

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