Stones Throw Podcast 74: James Pants Boom Box Collection

Podcast: James Pants Boom Box Collection

This weekend in at the Hamburg Museum of Arts & Science in Hamburg, Germany, Stones Throw artist James Pants opened the show “Boom Box Collection” featuring over 1800 of his own boom boxes, each of them in full working condition and powered up. James is currently living in Germany and released a statement when the planned exhibition was first announced, saying he had “sworn off collecting objects of any kind,” and would donate his collection of boom boxes to the museum.

This 34 minute set was mixed live late into the evening of the opening ceremony on May 19, 2012.

1. Sam Sklair – Nippon Cogs
2. Logic System – Intro (James Pants remix)
3. Virna Lindt – Intelligence
4. Brian Brain – Unexpected Noises
5. Cheika Rimitti – Track 08
6. James Pants – Ritual Magick
7. Der Plan – Rot Grün Rot
8. Gary Wilson – She Forgot To Lock Her Door
9. Wha Ha Ha – Rice and Soy
10. Game Ain’t Based On Sympathy – Sympathetic
11. Double Fantasy – Children Of The Universe
12. Cecil Leuter – Electrosonics
13. Foot Village – Japan
14. Maroon – Fresher Than This
15. James Pants And Vex Ruffin – Track 01
16. Bruce Haack – Jelly Dancers (James Pants remix)
17. Pierre Henry – Rock Electronique
18. Issue feat. Murs – I’m In Love With A Ferrari
19. Joel Fäjerman – Ma Foret

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