Illustrate – One For You + One For Me Mixtape

One For You begins at the end of Illustrate’s two-year engagement with his best friend, and opens with the emotional breakdown of ‘Round and Round’, featuring Jaison Spain. Forced to venture out to meet the next best woman in tracks like “High Hopes,” the cynical Illustrate seems to only find flakes, gold-diggers, and confused girls. Tired of being consumed with the pleasures of the flesh, Illustrate pulls back and lets the women do all the work in “Pussy Sweat” and “Voyager.” But just when you think he’s turned to the dark side of misogyny, Illustrate comes full-circle and expresses his true feelings on connecting with females in a face-paced, impersonal world with ‘So Far Away’, featuring Jaison Spain.

One For Me captures Illustrate’s love affair with hip-hop through hard, grimy beats and Illa’s signature fast-paced delivery. As the name implies, this side of the album was made for Illustrate, and exudes his odd quirks – like the offbeat, sarcastic humor of “No Such Thing,” and the cockiness of “Like Myself.” A natural progression from Back On the Juice, Illustrate’s debut release in 2010, One For Me stays true to his ability to poke fun at his always-struggling current situation through personal story-telling. We get a glimpse of the financial plight that curses starving artists in ‘Broke N Nyc” and dig into the reason behind it all in “ILLA” featuring CorinaCorina. This track delves into the concept of living eternally through music and showcases the necessity of both the fan and the artist; one fueling the other. Closing One for Me, Illustrate writes “You” – a personal thank you to his family and friends.

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