J. Bizness – Flight Plan (Instros x 3)

Kicking off the Mello Music Group Instrumental Series is J Bizness with Flight Plan, a 24-track collection of instrumentals inspired by the miracle of flight.

The accomplished Ontario, CA producer (Red Bull Big Tune LA Champ) creates a relaxed feeling of ease with his production that is well contrasted by just the right measure of funk. “Landing Gear” has spacey synth patches and electro accents while “Turbulence” is darker and grittier, alluding to its namesake. The rising and falling synthesizer lines in “Nonstop” mirror the path of flight.

If you frequent the invasive TSA lines and iron birds, let Flight Plan serve as your soundtrack or for the majority of us that only board planes once in a blue moon J. Bizness’ Flight Plan is the perfect smoker’s delight to soar to. The passion and precision evident throughout the project can inspire our own daily travels, whether you leave the ground or not. Flight Plan takes off August 28th everywhere.

Pre-Order: http://itunes.apple.com/us/preorder/flight-plan/id550279428

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