the Kleenrz (Self Jupiter & Kenny Segal) – Mr Sandman [video]

Self Jupiter and Kenny Segal are… the Kleenrz! “Mr Sandman” takes a look inside a world of make-believe. A world built on white lies told to help us sleep at night… to keep fear from destroying our children’s innocence. They’ll have to grow up one day, that day will be today if Mr Sandman has a say in it.

Art-rap noire, the Kleenrz EP features MURS, Nocando, Volume 10, Abstract Rude, Subtitle, Gajah, Alpha MC, Shing02, DJ Prolifix and Fanny Franklin.The self-title EP, the Kleenrz is available everywhere NOW (July 31st 2012) via Hellfyre Club.

iTunes: The Kleenrz – Self Jupiter & Kenny Segal

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