Stones Throw Podcast 76: Cut Chemist’s Cassette Culture

Download: Stones Throw Podcast 76: Cut Chemist’s Cassette Culture

While Cut Chemist was prepping for an all-cassette mix with 4 decks at an event this past weekend (Cinespia: music played by great DJs at a Hollywood cemetery before a film), he put together this mix for the Stones Throw Podcast – Cassette Culture. It’s an all-cassette, post punk mix, featuring a few tracks from an upcoming release on A Stable Sound next year called Funk Off. Need a track list? You’ll have to chase down Cut for that … try him on here, here or here and let us know because we want the track list as well.

Cut Chemist’s latest solo release is the single “Outro (Revisted)” and hopefully and album soon to follow.

Cut’s cassette mix comes just as Stones Throw is dropping our first cassette-only release, Cassette by Jonwayne, and putting together a comp from the cassette label, Leaving Records. Some kind of conspiracy? Actually, no … it’s mere coincidence. Adding to the coincidence is the somewhat unlikely claim made by Wall Street Journal today that “In fact, among adults, cassette tapes remain more popular than many online music services, or even vinyl records, despite the latter medium’s purported comeback in recent years.” – WSJ, 8/14/12 (link).

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