K-Def – Sneak Shot (’02 freestyle) ft. Seven Shawn [video]

“Sneak Shot” is a 1 minute freestyle by Seven Shawn (formerly of World Renown) over a quick beat that producer K-Def looped up back in 2002. K recently dug it up while going through his old hard drives, and we all decided to shoot a video for it. Sample hounds will recognize the familiar loop and MCs will notice that Shawn is having fun and improvising on the mic. The video was produced with the same technique, AKA “we had no plan” and just ran around NJ with a camera on a rainy day in June.

K-Def’s “Sneak Shot” EP is COMING SOON ON VINYL/DIGITAl (features this Seven Shawn freestyle plus 5 instrumentals!)

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