We Are Not For Them – Captures, Pt. 1 ft. Eleven & billy woods [mp3]

After several years recording and performing throughout Brooklyn, the Reservoir Sound collective – headed by A.M. Breakups, the producer behind 2011’s The Cant Resurrection album – presents Alea Iacta Est, a label compilation showcasing their signature fusion of left-field hip-hop and electronica. Billy Woods of NYC duo Super Chron Flight Bros and rapper Eleven weigh in on “Captures, Pt. 1” alongside We Are Not Them, the combo of Warren Britt, Breakups and deejay Jimmy Da Gent. Breakups helms more than half of Alea’s 18 tracks alongside Jeff Markey, A. Smart, and Baltimore double threat Teddy Faley, who raps on four songs. Lyric duties are rounded out by Elucid, Warren Britt, Eleven, Hype Wonder and Shape, while cuts are provided by Jimmy Da Gent and DJ Addikt. “I assembled the roster based on who I found was the absolute best at whatever they do,” explains Breakups. “It’s almost a family unit.” Breakups produced three tracks on Woods’ recent History Will Absolve Me album (watch the “Duck Hunt” video here). Forthcoming Reservoir releases include For Madmen Only by Cult Favorite (Breakups & Elucid) as well as albums from Hype Wonder, Teddy Faley and We Are Not Them.

Download: http://reservoirsound.bandcamp.com/

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