Corina Corina – Birds (prod by Willie Green) [mp3]


Crabs in a barrel, leeches, vampires. Have you ever had friends like that? Corina Corina can relate. The fourth single off her critically acclaimed debut, “The Eargasm” addresses this very issue. “Birds” explores this common theme from Corina’s unique perspective. By using the image of a bird soaring in the sky, Corina wonders aloud why some birds choose to clip their own wings for fear of flying. Corina compassionately pleads, “it’s so beautiful up here, won’t you come join me my dear?’

Fresh off producing his full length dance album “We Live in the Future,” Corina’s frequent collaborator Willie Green created a synth-heavy uptempo track for the singer. While this dance-influenced t
rack is not what listeners are used to from either artist, it has fast become a fan favorite. Combining the intensity that Corina’s fans have come to expect with the polished yet organic sound that rising star producer Green is quickly becoming known for. Take flight with the duo’s latest installment, “Birds.”

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