IAME – “A Heven” [audio]


IAME drops a new track “A Heven” produced by Smoke M2D6, inspired by Heaven Noise Recordings.

“It’s been almost a year since I released my latest album; the Smoke M2D6 produced exercise in post-swag party crashing, titled Lame$tream. In addition to promoting the new record, I’ve spent the past 11 months working on a number of solo and collaborative projects as well as running my own label, Heaven Noise Recordings.

Heaven Noise Recordings is the main inspiration for “A Heven” (choose your own pronunciation). “A Heven” is a one-off single that pretty much picks up where Lame$tream left off in terms of Smoke M2D6’s production and my overall mental state. The theme of this song was pretty much born by me looking at HNR (Heaven Noise Recordings) as a place where tracks go after they’re killed. It’s just one of the meanings behind the whole Heaven Noise name.” – IAME

Sign Up For Free Download: http://heavennoise.com/noise/iame-a-heven/

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