Silent Knight – Busy Is My Best Friend II [album stream]


Silent Knight burst onto the Hip-Hop scene during the resurgence of Rawkus Records in mid-to-late 2000’s. His electric stage presence and poignant lyrical abilities caught the attention of the label executives and was given the opportunity to release his debut LP, Hunger Strike, as part of their Rawkus 50 campaign alongside other up and coming artists at the time like Kaimbr, Hassaan Mackey, Finale and 6th Sense. Parlaying the success from his debut, SK was able to land at the doorstep of another former powerhouse, Loud/SRC and release the Jake One produced single, “Pop Culture Shock”.

After spending the next few years on the road touring and working on new material, SK released the critically praised 2011 LP, Busy Is My Best Friend. The album’s title became a personal mantra for Knight, fueling the success of the Audible Doctor produced single “Stayin’ Busy”.

While SK’s new album bears a similar title to his last, Busy Is My Best Friend II is a transitional album. “BIMBF II is me getting it out of my system,” he says. “The time period of working non-stop, moving non-stop, being exhausted mentally and physically has finally passed. I’m still working hard and staying busy, but through this journey I’ve learned it’s also about working smart.”

iTunes: Busy Is My Best Friend II – Silent Knight

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