Stones Throw Podcast 81: Jonwayne Daytime Naps


Download: Stones Throw Podcast 81: Jonwayne Daytime Naps

Jonwayne has created an ambient, 67-minute mixtape called Daytime Naps, his first mix in the Stones Throw Podcast series.

He explains it: “For a couple of years I have started to embrace daytime napping again. Back in the day it was just something we did, but I feel that if you have a schedule that allows it you shouldn’t feel out of touch with the act of passing out on a couch or going back to bed altogether. It leaves more time in the night for creation and contemplation, which I feel we all need. I don’t know if this should be a soundtrack to your afternoon conks, but I’m positive it’s mine.”

This mix is long enough so that you can nap in the middle and still catch the beginning and end of the mix, but we recommend hearing the entire mix also while awake.

Podcast artwork by Henry DeMaio. A link below contains a 320 MP3 download of the mix along with several other variations of the artwork by Daddy Kev, Deeleon, Miko Revereza, Alima and Mndsgn.

via Stones Throw

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