Souls of Mischief Announce 20th Anniversary Tour: Infinity Tour


Rap Group Partners With Marc Ecko Enterprises To Celebrate the 20 Year Anniversary of Their Classic 93 Til Infinity Album with A Massive Nationwide Tour.

It’s hard to believe that 20 years have passed since the Oakland, California based rap group Souls of Mischief, consisting of Tajai, Opio, Phesto, and A-Plus, released their debut album 93 ‘til Infinity. The album and title track is widely considered a benchmark in the history of hip-hop music and culture not only in the US but worldwide. To commemorate this anniversary, the four-man crew will release a remix of the single “93 ‘til Infinity” featuring an all-star roster of talent (names to be announced this summer.) In addition, they will act as brand ambassadors for a limited capsule collection with iconic fashion and lifestyle brand Ecko, which also turns twenty this year. The celebration will culminate in a nationwide tour where Souls of Mischief will perform classic songs as well as new material with a live band.

Speaking on the evolution of hip-hop that has occurred since Souls of Mischief began their storied career, Hieroglyphics member Pep Love commented, “Hip-hop culture and music were destined to become pop culture from [the] beginning. Misrepresentation and exploitation are the only real problems. Hip-hop is socially conscious at its very core and its very essence. I believe that Hieroglyphics truly represents hip hop and going forward we will help to spark a resurgence and bring the true representation to the masses.”
With their constant touring, album releases, brand merchandising, infamous block parties, song placement in movie soundtracks and snowboard documentaries, and more, Souls of Mischief continue to remain a relevant, creative and inspirational force in music.


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