Gajah & Mute Speaker – On & Offspring [album] (ft. Open Mike Eagle, Ceschi, BeOND, Sojourn & more)


Gajah is back! This time he’s teamed up with Brighton based beat-smith, Mute Speaker to create a sonic work of art record entitled, “On & Offspring”. The “On” signifies the start of the project and the work that the two put into it over the Summer, Fall & Winter course. The “Offspring” signifies the time of completion and the birth of new musical life spawned in the Spring. As seasons change, so do moods and emotions, giving each track it’s own feel as the play through progresses.

They called upon some talented guests to come along for the cycle, including Shuanise (Tokyo Dawn/Up My Alley), Open Mike Eagle (Hellfyre Club/Fake Four), Ceschi (Fake Four), Tommy V (Fake Four/Homeless Records), Shames Worthy, Sojourn & Zane One (Tunnel Rats) & Lyricon (Acid Lab Records).

iTunes: On & Offspring – Gajah & Mute Speaker

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