Owiny Sigoma Band “Harpoon Land” (Hello Skinny Remix) [audio]


Owiny Sigoma Band – Harpoon Land
01. Harpoon Land (Radio Edit)
02. Harpoon Land (Hello Skinny Remix)
03. Harpoon Land (Jesse Hackett’s Funeral Suite Re-Version)

Poised to begin a European tour supporting Thom Yorke’s Atoms For Peace project, the Owiny Sigoma Band [Oh-wee-nee Sig-oh-mah] prepare to release ‘Harpoon Land’ from their sophomore album ‘Power Punch’. The rubs come from within the Owiny family… via drummer Tom Skinner aka Hello Skinny and Jesse Hackett (Blludd Relations / Elmore Judd). One part bumpy techno, one part funereal slo-mo folk…

Spinning on its London-Nairobi axis, the MOBO-nominated group continue to redefine universal, artistic and cultural exchange blending traditional Kenya nyatiti and Luo music with Western songwriting and production techniques. ‘Power Punch’, as its title suggests, is a confident, radiant, album packed with stirring, sometimes downright frisky jams.

iTunes: Harpoon Land – Single – Owiny Sigoma Band

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