Guilty Simpson & Small Professor "It's Nuthin" ft. AG [audio]

Guilty Simpson & Small Professor “It’s Nuthin” ft. AG [audio]

For the 2nd leak off Guilty Simpson & Small Professor’s highly anticipated collaborative effort Highway Robbery which becomes available on September 24th, the duo team up with AG (of DITC) on “It’s Nuthin.” By fusing Small Professor’s use of sample chops, thumping drums and electric guitar chords with Guilty’s calculated rhyme schemes and AG’s classic bars, the trio offer another reason to believe why ‘Highway Robbery’ is shaping up to be one of the more stand out emcee/producer pairings in recent history. Be sure to keep an ear out for the beat change-up halfway through AG’s verse at the 2:40 marker. ‘Highway Robbery’ is now available for pre-order, via iTunes.

iTunes (Pre-Order): Highway Robbery – Guilty Simpson & Small Professor

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