Sepalot “Best Of Mix in 30 Minutes” ft. Frank Nitt, Ladi6, Buff1, Johnny Popcorn and others


Germany’s own Sepalot is preparing for his September 30th “Black Sky” album release which is an extension of his previous work, progressing as a producer for this largely instrumental release. While many fans outside of Germany may not be familiar with Sepalot’s work, he’s been a major staple in the German hip hop scene for years and has previously worked with US rappers like Blu, Fashawn, Frank Nitt and others.

In order to catch people up on Sepalot’s work, check out this “Best Of Mix in 30 Minutes” mixed by Sepalot himself. Listeners will be able to check out tracks from his upcoming “Black Sky” album while catching up on previous work which also includes songs with Detroit’s own Frank Nitti, NZ’s Ladi6, Michigan rapper Buff1, and others.

Enough – Black Sky – Sepalot
Poppin – Chasing Clouds – Sepalot
Naughty Boy – Black Sky – Sepalot
Who Loves You feat. Johnny Popcorn – Black Sky – Sepalot
Axel S – sketches#2 Munich Disco – Sepalot
Feel – Black Sky – Sepalot
Can’t Feel Nothing – Chasing Clouds – Sepalot
March On feat. Ladi6 – Black Sky – Sepalot
Wolf Doll – Black Sky – Sepalot
Black Sky feat. Fab – Black Sky – Sepalot
3 And 4 – Black Sky – Sepalot
Faithfull Man feat. Jesper Munk – Black Sky – Sepalot
Clocks Ticking feat. Buff1 – Chasing Clouds – Sepalot
Love Is Love – sketches#2 Munich Disco – Sepalot
Mein Herz – sketches#1 Beat Konducta Bavaria – Sepalot
September – Red Handed – Sepalot
Surrender – Red Handed – Sepalot
Welcome To The Feelgood – Chasing Beats – Sepalot
Like Water (prod. by Sepalot) – The Liberation of – Ladi6
Go Get It – Red Handed – Sepalot
Trähne – sketches#1 Beat Konducta Bavaria – Sepalot
Delta – Outrageous – Fracture (Frank Nitt & Sepalot)
Outrageous – Outrageous – Fracture (Frank Nitt & Sepalot)
Rainbows – Chasing Clouds – Sepalot
I Don’t Need You Anymore – Black Sky – Sepalot

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