Hus Kingpin – Pyramid Points (Khrysis Remix) ft. Rozewood [mp3]


The Cognac Tape from Hus Kingpin, co-starring Roc Marciano, hits stores today. Hus brings that fly vandal, spark it up, cognac drinking music. Pimpstead player Roc Marciano hosts and stars throughout The Cognac Tape, setting up the atmosphere before setting the bars on fire. Kick back, twist it up, and build with the Gods.

Haunting tones follow verses from Hus Kingpin and Rozewood like shadows. Khrysis (Jamla) embraces the dark mood and remixes “Pyramid Points” for today

iTunes: The Cognac Tape (feat. Roc Marciano) – Hus KingPin (CD) (Vinyl)

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