Bang You're Dead (Quickie Mart & Jes Hudak) "Late Nights" [album]

Bang You’re Dead (Quickie Mart & Jes Hudak) “Late Nights” [album]

On October 1, Supermart Produce will release the full-length album from electronica duo Bang, You’re Dead entitled Late Nights. Here, they offer the full album free until it’s Oct. 1 release. Bang, You’re Dead is a collaboration between hip-hop/EDM producer Quickie Mart and award-winning singer/songwriter Jes Hudak. Quickie hails from New Orleans and Jes from upstate NY, but they first met while living in LA when Jes was brought in to write and perform a hook on a hip-hop track Quickie was producing. That track, which featured rapper Freddie Gibbs, was the first of many collaborations that would lead to the formation of Bang, You’re Dead. Jes and Mart have created a brand-new style where strong songwriting chops meet intense electronic production, spanning genres from hip-hop to trap to downtempo to dubstep. Jes Hudak’s piano skills balance Quickie Mart’s aggressive EDM style, and their recent “Alive (Partymonster Remix)” single reached number 15 on Beatport’s dubstep charts. Click here to watch their video for 2011’s “Alive”.


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