Oddisee – Own Appeal [video]

From Oddisee’s “Tangible Dream” mixtape, today we’re proud to share the first music video for the song “Own Appeal.”

The video first dives into Oddisee’s writing and production process, heavily influenced by his travels around the world while adapting to each particular situation to fit his needs and creativity. It’s a theme that is present in most of Oddisee’s releases, including both his full length instrumental album “The Beauty in All” and the mixtape released alongside it, “Tangible Dream.”

Point proven, Oddisee continues his travels and is currently on a worldwide tour around the globe, currently in New Zealand and finishing up in the UK/EU in the beginning of December.

Finally, “Tangible Dream,” released as a free mixtape for fans who purchased “The Beauty in All” will be now available for purchase on CD. Pre-orders are available now.

Download: http://mellomusicgroup.bandcamp.com/track/own-appeal-tangible-dream
Tangible Dream: http://www.mellomusicgroup.com/collections/pre-order/products/oddisee-tangible-dream-cd


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