Raw Poetic – Charlie Brown’s Parents [album stream]

Raw Poetic has been a major contributor to the independent Hip Hop canon since 2004, when he released the album ‘Dream Awake’ with his band Restoring Poetry in Music (RPM). He rose to further acclaim in 2008 when the London-based Hip Hop Connection magazine ranked his duo Panacea’s album ‘The Scenic Route’ the Best Album Of The Year; previous years’ winners include Jay-Z ‘The Blueprint’, Eminem ‘Marshall Mathers’, and The Roots ‘Things Fall Apart’.

Constantly pushing the boundaries of his lyrical explorations, as well as what kinds of musical approaches can be included under the Hip Hop umbrella, Raw Poetic began forging an entirely new genre of music in 2013. While he previously acted solely as the MC with his musical collaborators, in his new endeavors he has begun writing all his own songs in their entirety. This involved taking singing lessons, teaching himself guitar, drums, synthesizers and Wurlitzer. The first result of this groundbreaking effort is his debut solo album, ‘Charlie Brown’s Parents’, released on the ultra-independent Tripwire Music label he formed with his long-time production collaborator Sayward.

‘Charlie Brown’s Parents’ includes elements of Hip Hop entwined with a new combination of raw Psychedelic, Blues, Rock and Indie tendencies. The album includes the talents of Luke Stewart on both upright and electric bass, as well as Tony Acampora’s brilliant arrangement and singing/playing on “Choking On Air” – one of the album’s singles; all other instruments and vocals are entirely Raw Poetic. Enjoy the journey. Raw Poetic is extremely prolific, and has already written his next three albums in their entirety. There is much to look forward to in the rising future of this unique artist; ‘Charlie Brown’s Parents’ is the first declarative chapter of his solo career.



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