A-Plus & AAGEE – Time to Let Go [video]

The video for lead single “Time to Let Go” depicts a scene at the sort of after-hours club where A-Plus and AAGEE might have frequented while developing material for Molly’s Dirty Water. The club’s atmosphere mirrors the track’s fusion of hip-hop and EDM elements: spliffs and break-dancers meet flashing lights and pounding music. As the party escalates, one unfortunate “party girl” pushes past her limits.

Souls of Mischief co-founder A-Plus and Compound 7 cohort AAGEE are proud to announce the release of their collaboration Molly’s Dirty Water. The hip-hop veterans cite their experiences partying at EDM clubs as inspiration for this experimental new project, which fuses a hip-hop attitude with the sonic vocabulary of EDM production styles. The blend of instrumentals and tracks with lyrics furthers the album’s EDM aesthetic. Labeling their character “Molly” as a drug reference would be an oversimplification: A-Plus says of their concept, “…some songs are more about a cool girl named Molly, others about a not so cool girl named Molly.”

While A-Plus and AAGEE are no strangers to experimentation — the Oakland, CA based musicians’ last release was the Red Hot Chili Peppers-inspired release Pepper Spray – the new album Molly’s Dirty Water pushes the boundaries of hip-hop even further. A-Plus describes, “I was free to try different things out both lyrically and production-wise. Once again, stuff that wouldn’t fly in the Hiero paradigm. I enjoyed the freedom to experiment, because any hip-hop purist backlash I’d normally get was kind of removed from the gate, due to the experimental nature of the music and subject matter…”

Molly’s Dirty Water will be available on January 14th, 2014 and is available for preorder today at Hieroglyphics Imperium: http://bit.ly/1hiH9KS


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