Ryan McDermott – Do U Believe [audio]


“The title can be read a couple different ways. As a question: “Do you believe?”, and as an instruction: “Do you. Believe.” In a way, the last is an answer to the first. In the song I sing, “I know what I believe in has more worth than anything on this earth, girl.” Personally I feel if what you believe in is limited to just “this world” then what you believe in is limited, and I don’t believe in limits, so I can’t believe in that. There’s so many ways that we’re liable to be limited when we don’t know we’re sleepwalking. I’ll be doing everything I can to stomp on that snakes head before I’m done here.” – Ryan McDermott

“Ryan Vs. The Sandman: The Tale of The Sleepwalkers” coming this January!


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