I Am Many • Homeboy Sandman • Live @ Gramercy (NY) [Jan 18] + “Come See Our Show” [audio]


I AM MANY rocks the Gramercy Theatre on January 18th with friend and frequent collaborator Homeboy Sandman and fellow MCs Open Mike Eagle and YC the Cynic. A few weeks later, Many hits Europe for the first time. Thanks for considering this single, and look out for the kickoff video from ‘OBESE’ and the ‘OBESE’ LP (exclusively produced by 2 Hungry Bros) coming soon.

Anchored by an anthemic Juice Crew sample, ‘Come See Our Show’ paints the scene at one of I AM MANY’s live shows – the best live hip-hop in NYC – In the flesh, I AM MANY meshes the tractor-beam magnetism of KRS-One, the smooth command of a young Travolta, and Iggy Pop’s head-to-toe immersion in the concert experience. Most MCs might as well be holding the wall at their own shows, but Many lives to be live, leaving it all on the stage.

So ‘Come See Our Show’ isn’t about groupies or what’s in it for the homies. It’s about giving the paying fans what they demand: to quote the track, “Show me what the fuck I spent 20 dollars for!” At the core is a hot session – “wreckin’ shit’s a prerequisite” – but it’s more than that. It’s avant-garde set pieces, masks, twisted mini-plays. A single can’t compare to being there, but it’ll give you a tantalizing taste.

This non-album track ‘Come See Our Show’ is produced by Frank Sassoon.


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