Vic Spencer – Talk. [mp3]


Wait, you said Vic Spencer is putting out MORE music?! That’s right, Vic just dropped his full album “HaerBrainSchemes presents The Rapping Bastard” less than a month ago and he’s already prepping for his next project. “Talk” is a celebration of The Rapping Bastard release. Doc da Mindbenda’s production set things off for the Old Fart to speak.

“Talk” is exactly what Vic does on this joint, letting listeners know “I tried to talk to my wife, but the shit didn’t work so I talk to this mic.” He willingly lays on his figurative couch – the studio and gets into some release therapy. Between the honesty Vic always drops in his bahz and the flawless production of Doc da Mindbenda. “Talk” is Vic saying “thank you” to his fans for the over 6k downloads of the new album and his focus is to continue to put so called rappers to bed ; officially bet on that. Meanwhile, enjoy the story. “Talk”.

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